Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Natural Hair Misconceptions.

Let me set the record straight on natural hair b: 

•We all don't like [insert any neo-soul artist you can think of] only.

•We all don't lead a holistic lifestyle.

•Many aren't looking for their "Nubian kings". This is not Common's video "The Light" featuring Erykah Badu. STAHP IT! 

•We all don't burn incense in the evening.

•We all don't spend time arguing who has the most "natural" hair. We're "splitting hairs" at that point. Pun intended!

•Majority of us believe in good hygiene, including hair care. 

•Having natural hair takes effort. And time

•It doesn't feel like a Brillo pad. 

•Some feel strongly about shaving and not growing additional fros...Ok? 

•We're all not shoving natural hair lifestyle down other people's throats. 

•Men LOVE natural hair. LOVE.

The amazing MahoganyCurls. Check out her YouTube!

•We're not all on YouTube making hair tutorials. 

•We are not the official spokesperson for black hair.

•We don't all play an acoustic guitar.

•Some of us like wearing wigs and weaves! Why? Because it's fun! And convenient sometimes. :)

•Natural hair is VERSATILE VERSATILE VERSATILE!! OMG! From braids to twists, knots, straight, and back to curly again! Your hair COULD NEVAAAA! lol. 

I had to stan for a moment for natural hair. I'm back. 

Now simmer down with the ignorance and chill. Lol. 

Talk to you soon. 

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