Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hair Essentials.

Hi guys! I hope you all had a great week!

This blog post will be dedicated to hair essentials that I use to maintain my hair.

When I first became natural (I big chopped), I did not have any hair essentials because...I didn't have much hair LOL. When my hair grew, I became better at finding things that was essential, and they turned into my staple tools and products. I am not a product junkie and it takes a LOT for me to try something new (especially if the previous product gave me awesome results). However, conditioner is the main product that I change periodically depending on my mood (shampoo runs a close second).

My Hair Essentials:

  • DIY elastic hair ties and headbands
  • Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste (Used for controlling edges)*
  • Ouidad Climate Control: Heat & Humidity Gel (Used for styling hair and is true to the label)***
  • Meta Grip Premium Bobby Pins (300 ct) (Used for styling hair. Highly durable & worth the cost)**
  • Homemade Hair Cream (Shea/Mango butter mix)
  • Conditioner-I am currently trying Suave Naturals...unfortunately, I don't like it :( *
  • A spray water bottle-I reused an old Tresemme bottle. I like the spray nozzle.

*can be found at Walmart, Target and other drugstores
**found at Sally's
***can be found at Ulta and Sephora (However, I recommend shopping online. You're more likely to find a cheaper price.)

If you have any products that you really like let me know! If you look at this post, and try any of the items..let me know!

Talk to you next time.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014



My name is Brie (my nickname) and this particular blog is called BrieUntitled. This blog will be focused on hair, namely natural hair.

"Nice...but Brie, there are SSSOOOO many other natural hair blogs.."

Yes. And one more natural hair blog will not hurt you either! lol

I created this blog for sharing my advice or hair tips on how I've managed my natural hair. This December, I will be my natural hair anniversary of SIX YEARS (WOO!!!)

I am glad to see an increase in natural hair appreciation, but I also want to show that having natural hair is not just about the "perfect twistout/braidout". It is about loving your hair for what it is: curls, frizz and everything in between. I also want to emphasize that by focusing on hair maintenance, everything else falls into place (length, styles, etc.). I want this blog to be a platform for hair discussions, learning new techniques, experimenting with different methods/styles, and ultimately finding a place where we learn to accept ourselves for what we are: beautiful flaws and all.

I know with hair blogs, pictures are involved and I am NOTORIOUS for being behind a camera lol. However, I will strive to take pictures and to make this blog consistent. I am also striving to be open to trying new styles and methods, because it is the place where I fall short in natural hair. I really hope you enjoy this blog. Feel free to comment, provide feedback, or suggestions. I really want to make this blog a positive, honest, and supportive platform.

Talk to you soon!